A Few Short Poems: By E. Martin Pedersen

The Bear Went Over the Ocean

Orange trees grow

Where warm winds blow

Even in China

You find Aunt Jemima

Continents push

Waters rush

Quakes and volcanoes

Wildfires, tornadoes

See what he/she could see

Sea, which sea art thee?

Do Fish Get Cramps?

Big fish, little fish, dead fish, pew fish

Pretty fish, ugly fish

Both good eating

Both hard catching

Just like me and you

Fish are fishers too

To fish and be fished

Catch and be caught

Thrill of victory

Thrill of defeat, what? wait.

Why do I fish, cut bait?

To eat, to taste

Not to waste

I tell myself

What else?

In Rich Earth

The birds like the cemetery

As do I

I go there to bury

Good company by,

All resting in peace’s sting

I’m never sad there

Listening to the birds sing

It’s the sweetest air,

If I could expand

This campground of reverence

Supply and demand

For lasting paid severance

In rich earth the best

Are at last at rest.

Presence of the Door

I need to watch my blood pressure

More than ever before

I ain’t getting any younger

In the presence of the door.

But I am getting younger

I do so smell flowers

I do so fly a kite

Sit in the park for hours.

Finally I know myself

Know what I like

Know I hate oatmeal

Love to ride a bike.

My work comes natural

My days I mourn

Everything is beautiful

Every baby born.

All intense and wonder more

In the presence of the door.


The black woman’s shadow

lies on a thousand lakes

she’s resting now

flooded water aches

after the death delirious sky

screams and shakes.

The Temple

The temple is a quiet place

the dead are honored there

I like the retreat, the space

but find no peace in there;

I carry my church on bones

worship my soul-self where

outside the house of stones,

so empty I can’t live there.

Poems Composed by E. Martin Pedersen

Published by clipsandpages

Clips and Pages is an initiative to provide the writers with the opportunity to get published for free. We also try to come up with innovative ideas and new challenges in order to bring new ventures into the creative world that would give the writers a chance to work on and improve their skills.

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